Want To Invest In Going Green?

I’m a fan of going green especially when it saves me money! I’ve always been a big fan of making green, but lately I’ve been a big fan of slinging green. I enjoy helping out where I can, but for the most part, “being green” is associated with “spending green”. It’s not cheap (yet) to be on the cutting edge of …

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August 2, 2015

An Introduction to Mortgage Insurance

When getting a mortgage, you often feel like you’re swimming in a sea of fees, half of which you don’t understand at all. For many buyers, especially those that are buying for the first time, mortgage insurance is one of those fees. But what exactly is it, how much will it cost, why do you …

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August 1, 2015

How Is My Credit Score Calculated These Days?

While anyone can tell you that late payments will hurt a credit score, what most people don’t know is that there are subtleties in just how the FICO scoring formula treats one late payment from another. While most credit advice (rightfully) recommends paying on time, it takes a deeper look in to the workings of …

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July 31, 2015

A 401k Debit Card? Seriously?

I heard a friend talking about this the other day as being an offering at his place of employment, and I was actually waiting, after he introduced the idea, for the punchline to the joke; but there was none. It REALLY is a product! I did some more research to be completely positive, and sure …

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Is a Car Considered an Investment?

I was driving to work today and noticed a wonderful picture on the way there; so good that I had to stop in the middle of the road to take the photo and get a good laugh… What’s marketing coming to these days? I don’t imagine Bush crafted up the idea of the Economic Stimulus package to …

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July 29, 2015

Please Quit Sending Me Phonebooks…

I’m serious; if you’ve got the time and a big truck let’s fire it up. I absolutely hate the fact that they think I want a phonebook. Did they ever ask me? No. Did I ever ask them to give me one? No. Well this is an open letter to the phonebookers of the world and some …

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Debt Problems? Watch For Debt Consolidation and Credit Repair Scams

Phot Credit: Tim Nichols Credit and debt counseling organizations come in two primary varieties: Nonprofit and for-profit. The not-for-profit organizations are generally organized as tax-exempt corporations under IRC Section 501(c)(3). The for-profit organizations are, of course, trying to make a buck or two (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) These organizations will generally seek to negotiate …

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Evaluating Your Auto Insurance Policy

If you pay your auto insurance bill without thinking about your coverage, it’s time to take a look at your policy and see where you could cut your costs. We’ve all heard the commercials about how switching to specific insurance companies can save you specific percentages. But you can also save just by adjusting your …

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Do I Need Long Term Care Insurance?

By Jason Van Steenwyk You’ve worked hard your whole life. You’ve scrimped and saved, and diligently contributed to your 401(k) plan at work, or your 403(b) plan, and you have an IRA as well, that you’ve been contributing to for years. You’re doing all the right things, and voila… at the end of your working …

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Photo Credit by 401k

Frugal Ideas For Your Food Budget

In the midst of all the big financial decisions you have to make when managing your money, there are lots of little ones you make on a daily basis as well. These can have just as much of an impact on your bottom line, which is why we’re going to look at some ways to …

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When and How to Make Debt Consolidation Work

The claims that debt consolidation services make are often outrageous ones, giving the most extreme scenario and leading you to believe that you’ll get the same results. The truth is that consolidation is not for everyone. Although it’s a good idea to consider consolidation if you have a big chunk of debt, also look at …

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Tips for Managing Student Loan Debt

The average graduate these days has over $20,000 of student loan debt, and that’s just for an undergraduate degree. Add a masters or doctorate, and you could be nearing six figures, or in the case of medical and law degrees, well over that. This can be a discouraging fact. Having too much debt can impair …

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The European Financial Crisis and Why Should It Concern You and Me

First, the European Union has the world’s largest economy. The 17 countries using the Euro – belonging to the Eurozone – accounts for over 75% of the EU’s GDP. Its largest trading partners are the North American and Asian regions. For the US alone, a good 20% or more of US exports goes to Europe …

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Is There Such a Thing as Good Debt?

Many primers on getting out of debt break your debt up into two categories: good debt and bad debt. This distinction is a very black-and-white one, though, and the categories may not be as useful as financial experts make them out to be. Few experts would argue against the case that there are types of …

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