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August 11, 2015

Is Your Home an Investment?

For much of the late 90s, people invested in real estate. We’re not talking about buying mortgage-backed securities here, but buying an actual home and viewing it as an investment. In addition to the family home, many people bought another home to act as a rental property. The rental income paid the mortgage, and as …

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Help! I’m Upside Down on My Mortgage! What Can I Do?

By Jason Van Steenwyk The problem of negative equity – owing more on your home than your home is worth, has become a severe economic challenge. Many homeowners find themselves out of work, and if they live in an area with limited job prospects, they find themselves unable to move. This makes unemployment more severe, …

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August 9, 2015

Frugal Ideas For Your Food Budget

In the midst of all the big financial decisions you have to make when managing your money, there are lots of little ones you make on a daily basis as well. These can have just as much of an impact on your bottom line, which is why we’re going to look at some ways to …

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How Can I Vacation on a Budget?

As the weather warms, many families are planning summer vacations. Although going on a luxurious trip seems like just the thing after a long winter, this may be out of reach if you haven’t budgeted for it. Let’s look at some ways to help you plan a vacation without breaking the budget. Get a Weekly …

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How to Make Sale Shopping Work for You

Who does not love a good bargain? Buying anything on sale is very tempting but it can also be very deceiving. You probably have experienced buying something which you thought was a great buy but when you got home ended-up hating yourself for buying it. That is sale-induced, impulsive buying madness right there. But here’s …

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August 6, 2015

Did Your Parents Teach You Squat About Investing?

I am 33 years old and I have limited, but learning comprehension of how investing works. I wasn’t taught my my parents, I wasn’t taught by my school, I wasn’t taught by my friends. I came into learning about it more forced than anything else. I went backwards from the standard. I went Date–>Child–>Marry–>Child–>House–> Save/Invest. …

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How Do I Get A Work From Home Job?

If you’re reading personal finance blogs, you’re also probably looking to keep tabs on how you can make more money as well. I’m not gonna lie, I do it myself, who DOESN’T want to make a few bucks on the side? The key is knowing what to look for… MiB Smarter Money wrote an article earlier …

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August 4, 2015

What is a 401k?

So I got to thinking yesterday in writing about changing the funds around in my 401k, that people may or may not know the reasoning and benefits of a 401k; and I may be putting the cart before the horse.  So I figured it best to start at the ground floor… Many companies offer a 401K retirement plan.  …

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Want To Invest In Going Green?

I’m a fan of going green especially when it saves me money! I’ve always been a big fan of making green, but lately I’ve been a big fan of slinging green. I enjoy helping out where I can, but for the most part, “being green” is associated with “spending green”. It’s not cheap (yet) to be on the cutting edge of …

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August 2, 2015

An Introduction to Mortgage Insurance

When getting a mortgage, you often feel like you’re swimming in a sea of fees, half of which you don’t understand at all. For many buyers, especially those that are buying for the first time, mortgage insurance is one of those fees. But what exactly is it, how much will it cost, why do you …

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August 1, 2015

How Is My Credit Score Calculated These Days?

While anyone can tell you that late payments will hurt a credit score, what most people don’t know is that there are subtleties in just how the FICO scoring formula treats one late payment from another. While most credit advice (rightfully) recommends paying on time, it takes a deeper look in to the workings of …

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July 31, 2015

A 401k Debit Card? Seriously?

I heard a friend talking about this the other day as being an offering at his place of employment, and I was actually waiting, after he introduced the idea, for the punchline to the joke; but there was none. It REALLY is a product! I did some more research to be completely positive, and sure …

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Is a Car Considered an Investment?

I was driving to work today and noticed a wonderful picture on the way there; so good that I had to stop in the middle of the road to take the photo and get a good laugh… What’s marketing coming to these days? I don’t imagine Bush crafted up the idea of the Economic Stimulus package to …

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July 29, 2015

Please Quit Sending Me Phonebooks…

I’m serious; if you’ve got the time and a big truck let’s fire it up. I absolutely hate the fact that they think I want a phonebook. Did they ever ask me? No. Did I ever ask them to give me one? No. Well this is an open letter to the phonebookers of the world and some …

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