October 9, 2015

All About Credit Card Utilization Ratios

Debt is a double-edged sword. Not only does carrying a lot of it put a strain on your monthly cash flow, but it also makes it more expensive for you to take out additional debt. One of the most significant ways this occurs is through your credit card utilization ratios. Sound complicated? It’s not, really, …

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@ eliazar

October 8, 2015

Strategy for Picking the Right Credit Card

Using credit cards can be a slippery slope, but if you want to get an excellent credit score, you’ll need to have at least a few in your wallet. In general, you should have three to five lines of credit open at any given point in time, although your balances on each should be low, …

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October 7, 2015

I Bet You Don’t Know Who Owns Your Student Loan

I haven’t really been paying attention to the student loan dilemma since the fed dropped the interest rates again, but not being in the educational sector doesn’t mean it’s not going to have impact on our economy nonetheless… The economy is a living/breathing animal and any change in the environment is going to have ripple …

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October 5, 2015

Why’s It So Taboo to Talk About Compensation?

How is it that when we can readily see public sector and professional athletes salaries on the web and not bat an eye at it. I’m sure they discuss these things over caviar all the time and it isn’t that big of a deal; but why does middle class America think it is so taboo to discuss it? I …

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October 4, 2015

My Early Follies in Get Rich Quick Scams

Like everyone reading or writing personal finance blogs, I’ve made my fair share of investing mistakes, specifically get-rich-quick schemes. Clearly we all want to make a fast buck when we’re young, that’s all we see on TV! But it is something really you have to fall for at least once (or 4 times in my …

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Ironclad love

October 2, 2015

Making an Ironclad Retirement Plan

With an increasing number of Americans struggling to clear off their debts and filing for bankruptcy, it has become more important than ever to chalk out a financial plan which can smoothly sail you out of the rough patches after your retirement. Many people start planning for their retirement long before they actually retire. Yet, …

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October 1, 2015

Should I Try Daytrading?

This one has popped in and out of my head for a few years now. I have a friend who has been doing it for a while now and making pretty good money off it. But I still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon. He’s done forex and penny stock investing but prefers the forex. He’s tried …

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Setting Personal Finances on Automatic

Automating your personal finances is like hitting two birds with one stone. First, one of the oldest rules of personal finance that still ring true today is to pay yourself first. You can do this by automating your savings and retirement accounts. It also helps you save time, that very precious but often taken for …

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Ways to Pay for College for Your Kids

Although you may still be paying off student loans from your own college education, it’s never too early to consider how your kids are going to afford to go to college. The cost of attending a four-year university is increasing each year at a rate that surpasses inflation, which means that you’ll need a bundle …

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September 28, 2015

How Many Roth IRAs Can I Have Open At One Time?

Short answer: as many as you want. Longer answer: I was considering just leaving this at that, but I figured I’d add a few extra lines to better seal the deal. I researched that question because I was fed up with getting tossed in the “B” share pool, and wanted to get out, but thought …

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@ Fancy_Pants

Frugal Ideas for Your Garden

As summer gets into full swing, you’ll probably want to be spending more time outside enjoying the weather from your yard, patio, deck or balcony. Unfortunately, landscaping is not cheap, and you could find yourself spending a lot getting your yard to look like you want it to. Use some of these ideas to get …

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I hear a lot of negativity about annuities on the radio and TV. Are they bad products?

  By Jason Van Steenwyk In a nutshell, no. They aren’t bad products. There is nothing intrinsically bad about annuities, although some specific annuities are unsuitable for some investors. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of an annuity, though, you must first understand what an annuity is and its role in an investment portfolio. What’s …

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September 25, 2015

Why Are So Many People Buying Gold?

It seems like these days, gold is all you hear about on the radio. Talk radio and television is thick with advertisements hawking gold and precious metals as an investment. And these days, there’s even a thriving segment of the financial planning industry dedicated to helping people own gold in their IRAs and other retirement …

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September 24, 2015

Choosing a Homeowners Insurance Policy

One of the many things you’ll have to put in place when you’re buying a home is a homeowners insurance policy. Lenders require this as one of the mortgage conditions because they want to know that their security, the home, is protected against loss. Although the lender may recommend an insurance company, it’s up to …

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